One Billion, Malawi.

So this week I’m doing something a bit different.

For the first time, and hopefully not the last, I’m featuring someone on the blog. If you’ve read my first ever post you know that I aim to collaborate with others – whether they’re bloggers or not. I want to give you the opportunity to write about something that interests you and/or you feel as though would be beneficial for others.

This isn’t just my platform – this is our platform.

So, this week, Phillip Li from Loughborough University has written a piece; have a read below, let me know what you think in the comments and get involved.

“Education does not just allow us to read and write, but it’s what makes us human – it gives us the ability to reason, to develop and it allows us to make the choice of how to live our lives.

New estimates reveal that 263 million children and youth are out of school (UNESCO). Every child deserves a good education – regardless of gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background or circumstance. However, many children in developing countries do not speak or understand English which poses as a problem when trying to help them learn.

But what is being done?

Onebillion Children is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to deliver transformational learning to one billion children in developing countries, where lack of resources makes a good education hard to obtain. Onebillion is currently helping children in Malawi as educational resources are extremely overstretched due to the recent population boom.

Onebillion has already established 32 Oneclass learning centres in Malawi, providing their apps in the local language on tablets powered by solar power; this allows the children to learn independently as the app acts as their ‘teacher’.

What is Oneclass?


  • Oneclass is equipped with a set of locked-down iPads
  • The children are taken through a carefully structured set of Onebillion apps to teach them maths
  • All of the apps are in Chichewa and cover the entire Standard 1 & 2 curricula
  • Children learn at their own pace, guided by a virtual teacher, and are rewarded every step of the way
  • Teachers at the school manage each Oneclass whilst using their own tablets also
  • Progress is monitored remotely over the internet
  • Oneclass can be totally powered by a low-cost renewable solar energy system

It costs £12,645 for a typical set up of Oneclass; it may seem expensive, but in reality this is true value for money as a result of the high quality, personalized learning for Malawian children.

As the Accounts Manager of the charity I help to evaluate cost effective methods of purchasing hardware required for Oneclass, liaising with VSO (an international development charity with the vision of ‘a world without poverty’) to settle grants for the charity and claiming gift aid for donations.

Working for Onebillion has given me the opportunity to bring us one step closer to solving one of many critical global issues – this cause is something I’m truly passionate about.

So how can you help?


We rely on a network of friends to help us, become a friend of Onebillion by signing up on to join the journey to reach one billion marginalized children. As a friend, you’ll receive occasional updates how we are reaching children around the world.

Share Onebilion to your friends and family or make a charitable donation on

You really don’t have to do a lot to have a big impact.

All help is genuinely appreciated.”

Phillip Li

Phil is a 21 year old Loughborough University undergraduate studying Accounting and Financial Management from South-West London. You can connect with him at philcli on Instagram.

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There are no boundaries.

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