Blood Versus Loyalty

Today I want to talk to you about loyalty, friendship and family.   I once watched a video that spoke about the concept of “blood versus loyalty” and this was the message:   “Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family.”   The ugly truth is that unfortunately your friends and family don’t always have…Read more Blood Versus Loyalty


The Intern Guide

Starting a summer internship or placement year? Then this is your personal handbook to getting started and making it through your time successfully.   Having just finished my own Work Placement year in London, I thought now would be a fitting time to share valuable advice, insight, tips and tricks to ensure that you make…Read more The Intern Guide

The Waiting Game

We live in a time of immediacy.   Don’t get me wrong – this can be great. The speed at which we can learn or acquire what we need to continues to increase, allowing for efficiency across a number of areas in our day-to-day life. We can do so many things that the generation before…Read more The Waiting Game

Making Marriages and Breaking Bonds

The tribulations of interracial, interfaith and cross-cultural relationships.   There is not a single “right” opinion on this topic. This is not an attack on any particular community. This is an exploration of different viewpoints and experiences within the British-Asian community, in regards to relationships outside of one’s community, ethnicity and/or religious background. The fact…Read more Making Marriages and Breaking Bonds

110 Dead in 48 Hours

Somalia is at risk of its third famine in just 25 years.   The food and water shortage has affected over 6.2 million people. That’s over half of the country’s population suffering from widespread hunger – the lack of clean water has even resulted in cholera.   “We need to make as much noise as…Read more 110 Dead in 48 Hours